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Rails Rock Me

9 Dec 2009 – Beijing

Since as a 7 years experienced Java developer, I have to admitted that the stuff that rock me this year is the Ruby language and the Rails framework. Here is the list:

  1. In the construction of the project-portal within the company, Redmine (a flexible project management web application. Written using Ruby on Rails) is a big win against the awkward Liferay. We even think about replacing it for our commercial JIRA instance which used for years in our issue tracking.
    The winning factor is that the “Keep It Simple” philosophy being gone through the language, framework and the application.
  2. Happily fixed a small web project written in Ruby on Rails by a novice team. Cut the LOC from 7600 to 5500 while bring significant feature & performance improvements.
  3. Adopted the Sonar as the quality metrics tool for the company. Glad to cooperated with the Sonar team in JRuby on Rails.
  4. Following the RailsCasts and Ruby5 news keep me exciting about the community growth with the contribution from lots of clever guys here.
  5. Learning Ruby by reading the Book named The Well-Grounded Rubyist and scripted it in small tasks bring me back the joyful memory of learning programing in the early day.
  6. Github inspired me to dig deeper into the beauty of the open-source world and start blogging like a hacker.
  7. To be continue …


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